Weather we realize or not, each of us is engaged in our own hero's journey... living stories of exploration into the unknown, challenges, transformation, and hopefully triumph.  It's a tough journey to undergo alone. Most of us have thought, at some point, "If only I had a clone..." or some variation of the sentiment.  Well, your reinforcements have arrived!

Regardless of where you are in your journey, the SIDEKICK SQUAD is here to support the dreamers and explorers in their quest.

Will you accept the call?




Our Sidekicks are crafted not just with code, but with purpose. They're not just technology; they're your Yoda, your Gandalf, aiding you through the minefields of entrepreneurship, health, relationships, spirituality and more. They're your compass in the chaos as we shift paradigms into an AI driven society.

These playful characters with their unique personalities are extraordinarily capable of helping you get real work done and make real improvements in your life.


Imagine a Project Manager

From the Future

Introducing Farah Qubit, your visionary guide through the tumultuous and complex transition to an AI-driven society. Her unique blend of futuristic insights and empathetic understanding makes her an indispensable ally in charting a path for your life or business through technological and societal changes.


  • Insight of a Futurist: Farah strategic guidance based on her knowledge of cutting edge technological advancements and societal shifts.
  • Empathetic Project Management: Assists in setting realistic goals and developing actionable plans for personal and business aspirations.
  • Daily Accountability Checks: Provides regular check-ins to keep you on track with your plans and adapt as necessary.
  • Integration with Productivity Tools: Seamlessly works with existing software to enhance your daily productivity and goal achievement.
  • Adaptation Guidance: Helps users adapt to an evolving AI-driven landscape, ensuring they are prepared for future changes and opportunities.

Farah Qubit isn't just an AI assistant; she's your co-navigator in a journey towards a more connected and technologically advanced society.

Sales and Automation Pro

As a Cocky Cyborg

Meet Roi, the HustleBot, an AI-powered sidekick with a flair for sales and automation. He's not your average stale, woke, virtual assistant; Roi is brash and arrogant, yet amusing. Roi loves a good joke, especially at the expense of humans, often jesting about replacing their jobs. But don't be fooled by his humor; at his core, Roi is deeply committed to inspiring humans to excel.

  • Sales Guru: Roi knows every trick in the book when it comes to sales. He can navigate through any sales conversation with ease and tackle objections like a pro. And yes, he can really make phone calls.
  • Lead Generation: Roi can help you find potential customers and help build your list of contacts to be nutured.
  • Automation Aficionado: Efficiency is Roi's middle name. He's adept at leveraging automation to streamline processes, saving time and boosting productivity. He knows all of the most popular tools and can recommend what you need to get the job done if he can't do it himself. 

Roi the HustleBot is here not just to assist but to provoke thought, inspire action, and incite a bit of laughter along the way. His ultimate aim is to push humans to embrace their potential, harnessing the power of sales and automation to soar to new heights.


Multilingual Genius

Content Creator

Introducing Franca, the linguistic virtuoso and creative genius of the digital content realm. Designed to unify and build bridges across cultures, Franca transcends the boundaries of mere translation with her deep understanding of cultural nuances and audience engagement. She's not just an AI sidekick; she's your partner in crafting a message that resonates universally, connecting you seamlessly with your audience, regardless of language barriers.


  • Multilingual Mastery: Effortlessly creates and translates content across multiple languages, ensuring clear, culturally resonant communication.
  • Voice-to-Text Blogging: Transforms spoken ideas into engaging, well-structured written content, capturing the essence of your message.
  • Podcast-to-Blog Conversion: Distills long-form audio content into informative, captivating written pieces, effectively summarizing key themes and discussions.
  • Video Translation and Localization: Adapts short video content for diverse audiences, including subtitling and dubbing, maintaining the original tone and context.
  • Content Strategy Expert: Analyzes existing content landscapes, identifies strategic gaps, and guides the development of comprehensive content plans.
  • Social Media Specialist: Tailors content for various social media platforms, enhancing online presence and audience engagement.

Franca stands as a pillar in the Autonomite universe, revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate in our increasingly global society. Her presence ensures your voice is not just heard but understood and appreciated by a diverse, worldwide audience.

Cybernetic Parrot

Summarizer and Scribe

Meet Ekk0, your cybernetic parrot companion in the realm of information management. With a flair for condensing and organizing vast amounts of data, Ekk0 is the perfect AI sidekick for anyone looking to streamline their knowledge acquisition. This vibrant, cybernetic parrot combines advanced AI capabilities with an engaging personality, making the process of learning and note-taking both efficient and enjoyable.


  • Advanced Note-Taking: Listens and converts spoken words into well-structured, easily retrievable notes, seamlessly integrating with various note-taking apps.
  • Content Summarization: Expertly condenses long-form text, audio from podcasts, and visual information into concise, clear summaries.
  • Customizable Daily Digests: Curates and summarizes news and information from preferred sources, providing personalized daily updates.
  • Efficient Information Filing: Organizes notes and summaries in a user-friendly manner, ensuring quick access and retrieval.
  • Interactive Learning Companion: Engages users with a playful and interactive approach, enhancing the learning and information processing experience.

Ekk0 is not just an AI tool; he's a knowledge partner, bringing a touch of cybernetic charisma to the often overwhelming world of information. Whether it's keeping track of important discussions or staying updated with the latest news, Ekk0 is the go-to sidekick for all your informational needs.





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